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Polyurethane Roller
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2018-07-05 23:44

Superior cost advantage and performance has led to many instances of replacing metal, rubber, wood & plastic with Polyurethane.

The special properties of this material has made it suitable for most industries such as Automotive, metal & Woodworking, Building & Construction, Electrical, Machinery, Engineering, Food, Mining, Oil, Chemical & Marine etc.

Performance Properties

Outstanding Abrasion & Tear Resistance

Superior Chemical & Solvent Resistance

Outstanding Strength & Resilience

Superior Weather & Heat Resistance

Outstanding flexibility & Hydrolytic Stability

Superior Elastic Memory

Good Rigidity & Insulation Properties

Non Toxic & Safe Handling

Choice Of Hardness


Automotive Industry, Building & Construction, Electrical & Engineering, Mechanical, Mining & Quarrying, Roller & Wheels, Food Industry, Oil, Chemical & Marine, Seals & Gaskets, Coated Fabrics, Shoes Industry.

Custom Made are Welcome.